Brett Valliant at Wilshire Boulevard Temple

The interior of the Magnin sanctuary is modeled after the Parthenon and my photos cannot begin to do justice to the beauty or significance of this building. The 1929 Kimball organ and console are way up high, hidden by grill and lattice work.

Brett informed us that there is an echo division consisting of flutes some 100 feet above our heads high in the dome.

The domed sanctuary is magnificent, audibly as well as visually…

Brett played many moving pieces including several of my favorites: Finlandia, Bach’s Come Sweet Death (Virgil Fox arrangement) and Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance military march number one.

There is absolutely no fair comparison between the experience of a great organ recording and the experience of listening live in the venue for which the organ was designed.

My thanks to the Wilshire Boulevard Temple for hosting this event.

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