Rodgers 340 Schematics Library

My ongoing effort to catalog information about this instrument

Since I first acquired my 340, I have been on a mission to collect, organize, and eventually share information about this instrument — both as a way to serve others and to connect with fellow 340 owners.

When I posted invitations to share on the various organ forums, several people were kind enough to send me files to add to my library. One individual even shipped me a physical manual! I also contacted Rodgers for the “official” service guide, which turned out to be the same one that is already freely available in organ forums on the internet. This weekend I set out to catalog just the schematic pages I have many sources. I want to see what I have and how readable (many are scans of photocopies) and what revisions exist. Eventually, I will map this what actually in my organ, as there were several flavors of the 340 built.

I haven’t gotten very far yet but already I am finding interesting notes and learning by comparing versions. I’ve attached a PDF of my current catalog. It’s still very much a work in process. If you have information to share or if you are looking for 340 specific information, please get in touch with me.

20180122 – Rodgers 340 Schematic Inventory (INTERIM)