ThisOld340 A quick look at the Great Sostenuto

Look, I'm playing with no hands!

Another fun feature of Theater Organs, invented by Robert Hope Jones, is the ‘Sostenuto’. This stop is available on the Great manual of the Rodgers 340 Theater Organ.

Sostenuto is a switch located on the Main expression shoe that will cause the notes on the Great manual to continue to sound for as long as the Sostenuto switch is held – even after the hand is removed from the keyboard.

Here’s a quick video to see it in action.

Click the “continue reading” link before for additional instructions…

There are three steps to activate the Sostenuto function:

1. Turn on the Great Sostenuto Stop tab in addition to the Stops you want to sound on the great manual

2. Play one or more notes on the great manual

3. Engage the Sostenuto switch on the main expression shoe by sifting your right foot to the left

Now release your hands from the Great manual. The notes that were playing at the time tyhe Sostenuto switch was pressed will continue to sound for as long as you hold the Sostenuto switch (or until you switch off or cancel the Great Sostenuto stop).

Tip: You can also add notes on the great while the Great Sostenuto is on.


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