3 Manual DIY VPO/VTPO looking for a new owner

Here are the key parts you need to assemble your own 3 manual virtual organ setup — just add encoder boards and computer/software of your choice. A fantastic setup for someone on a budget.

Here’s what I have:

  • 3 Manual keyboard with pistons, ready to add encoders
  • AGO pedal board, ready to add encoder
  • Removable magnetic pickup board (with 32 Reed Relays) to sense pedal board (an optional way to sense pedals for quick removal)
  • Organ Bench
  • Four swell shoes (One to be converted to a crescendo pedal)

Scroll down for photos of the setup and as they appear wrapped. (NOTE: The photos are from before I shrink wrapped everything; the back board, extra swell shoe and toe studs are no longer included.)

I’m not sure how much to ask for all of this, but I will entertain offers as I would like to move out of my storage unit as soon as possible. If you have been shopping around and want to help me come up with a fair price, email me. That would be helpful.

Everything is available for immediate pickup at my storage unit in Newhall, California.


For the past many years, I had been researching and collecting gently used parts to build a 3 manual virtual organ so that I could run Miditzer, Hauptwerk and other virtual organs. Then, I got a Rodgers 340 organ and decided to restore it, so my virtual organ project stopped. What didn’t stop were the fees to keep my stuff in storage. 🙁

Now that I have the Rodgers 340, I’ve decided to sell everything I have in the hope that some lucky buyer will use these to complete their own dream virtual organ.

All items are clean and wires have been trimmed in preparation for connection to a MIDI Keyboard Encoder. After extensive research, I decided to purchase Artisan Boards my conversion. (I am not including the Artisan boards as I plan to reuse them; however, I do recommend Artisan. Mark Anderson has been very helpful to my many questions.) There are many other MIDI Encoder boards available that would also work with this equipment.

Before I put everything into storage, I took photos and then wrapped each item carefully in new moving blankets. I then shrink-wrapped each assembly before moving into storage. Contact me for additional photos or information.

Erics’ VPO VTPO Setup (Right View)